Do I need an Attorney?

Do I need an Attorney?

You have just been involved in an accident, whether it is a car crash, a trip and fall or a mishap with a product that caused an injury, you may be wondering whether you need an attorney.

The simple answer is YES you should CONSULT with an attorney and then decide whether you need to retain the attorney.  As we all know there are thousands of attorneys to call to discuss your legal issue.  Some attorneys concentrate their law practice on one area of the law.  For example, some lawyers just do personal injury, some just do bankruptcy, some do criminal defense work.  Some lawyers chose not to concentrate their practice in one particular area but try to handle all types of legal matters – these attorneys are called “general practitioners”.

An attorney that concentrates in one area of law is not necessarily any better than a general practitioner but the attorney who does just one area of law sometimes may know a little more about his or her particular area of “specialty”.

If looking to hire a lawyer to handle your real estate sale, you may want to call a lawyer who just does real estate closing as that lawyer may know a little more than a general practitioner. If looking to hire a lawyer to handle your personal injury case, you may want to call a “personal injury lawyer” and not an attorney who practices in 10 different areas.

As another example, when you need to have your knee looked at because it is causing you pain, you may want to first visit the general doctor but then the general doctor may send you to a orthopedic knee specialist.  The knee specialist generally will have more experience and knowledge in how to treat your knee appropriately.

Back to the main issue here, do you need a lawyer? Again, I say yes you should CONSULT with an attorney with your legal questions.  Then make a decision on whether you need to hire the lawyer for further assistance.

In almost all personal injury cases, the lawyer will take on your case and represent you without ever charging you a fee UNTIL the lawyer obtains a recovery for you either by way of settlement or by jury verdict.  Therefore, all of the time and effort spent on your case comes at NO CHARGE to you until you obtain money for your injuries.  If you obtain money or compensation, then you will normally pay your lawyer a percentage of the gross amount you recovered. Normally this fee ranges from 33% to 40%.  Also, all costs associated with your case are paid by the lawyer and you pay nothing if there is no recovery.

All initial consultations are completely free including initial phone calls and in person meetings.  Take advantage of this “free” service and call a lawyer with your legal questions.

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