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It’s not too often that you hear of the “little guy” claiming a major victory against the “big guys” that represent the establishment or the status quo. A 3rd party candidate rarely comes from behind and wins an election just as David doesn’t typically knock over Goliath. Maybe our perception of the “big guy” is continually perpetuated because it’s the “big guys” that control the information we receive. Make no mistake about it: people do stand up to the establishment all the time—as far as we’re concerned, in the case of wronged individuals standing up to the big corporations responsible for the wrongdoing. We hear these types of victory stories all the time because we’re constantly immersed in making sure they happen.

In this blog, we’re going to give you some information on a couple of recent instances in which a major company wronged an individual (or number of individuals); because of their mistreatment of their customers, they’re now facing lawsuits and will possibly be penalized not only financially, but also in the eye of public opinion.

Let’s start at Wal-Mart, a company that is frequently referenced when talking about the power of the American workforce. There are some great things about Wal-Mart; it employs many, many Americans and provides high-quality products at a discounted rate to millions and millions of people. However, there’s a part of Wal-Mart that represents the worst of what this country has to offer, and this blog is going to shed light on that. In 2010, a Texas woman was doing her Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart when her day of shopping turned into a nightmare. At the cash register, she presented the cashier with a legitimate $100 bill.

For some reason, the cashier thought it was fake and, without checking its authenticity with a counterfeit detection pen, tore up the bill. The woman, distraught, handed the cashier yet another $100 bill, only to have that bill torn up as well! The woman continued to contend that the money was authentic. The manager of the Wal-Mart, however, detained the woman for two hours in the front of the store while he waited for police to arrive. The woman was humiliated and robbed of her money. When the police arrived, they determined that the money was indeed authentic. Now, because of the Wal-Mart employees’ abuse of the woman, they are being sued for the emotional pain that they inflicted on this woman.

To close, we’re going to be discussing an aspect of the awful Colorado movie theater shootings that took place this past July. The shooter is, of course, in jail, but now there is another defendant being named in a civil trial. Cinemark USA, Inc., the owner of the movie theater where the shooting took place, is currently facing two lawsuits relating to the shooting. No, the plaintiffs in the case don’t contend that the theater owner carried-out the shooting, but they do argue that the theater owner was negligent in maintaining very relaxed security measures which, had they been stricter, might have prevented the shooting that killed 12 people and left 58 injured. According to the lawsuit, the movie theater’s exterior doors, through which the gunman entered and exited, were lacking in alarms and other vital security features. The victims paid with their lives, and now, hopefully, the company that owns the theater will have to pay for its negligence.

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