Careful with your Holiday trees!!!

Careful with your Holiday trees!!!

Christmas and other holiday trees catch on fire too times each year. Most times, the fire is caused by an electrical issue like plugging too many lights into a socket or an extension cord. Also, another cause for fire are burning candles left near the tree. Most holiday trees are dry and will catch fire very easily if not careful. As your Boca Raton personal injury lawyer we want you to be extra careful during the holidays.

If you can maintain your trees properly it will be much more difficult for it to catch fire. You should display the tree in a pot of water. You need to make sure the water level never drops below the bottom of the tree. This will allow the tree to stay wet and not get too dry making it a fire hazard. The best way to reduce the hazard of a dry tree, is to give it water as described above. Keeping a tree hydrated is as good or even better then fire retardant sprays.

As tree fires obviously occur in December and January and often result in terrible property losses, they receive significant publicity. Because of the publicity, one must be aware of what is true and not. As we all know, the media is not always accurate in its reporting of certain news events. There may be a lot of misinformation about how a fire was caused. As your Delray Beach personal injury lawyer, we know that you must be both sensitive to the news but also careful with all potential sources of information.

Trees are not inherently dangerous. They do not catch on fire spontaneously. Fires involving trees are almost always preventable. Educating yourself can be important and can prevent many of the fires that we hear about. If you are careful with your lights, with the electricity for the lights and in keeping your tree hydrated you will avoid any potential catastrophes.

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