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Personal injuries arise in a many different situations in Boca.  Car accidents are perhaps one of the most common sources of personal injuries, leaving resident pedestrians and fellow drivers of Boca Raton injured by hundreds per year. Some car accidents are not so “accidental.” Our firm has a very strong policy on prosecuting “accident” cases involving texting while driving, racing or drunk driving.  In these situations, the car crashes are not mere accidents but instead result from a complete disregard for the safety of our community.

Cyclists are another group of persons that fall victim to personal injury, going unnoticed by careless or reckless drivers, resulting in injuries and even fatalities. Cyclist are also commonly injured due to improper road maintenance and design.

Following car-accidents, slip and falls, are our next most handled type of personal injury case.  To achieve the best results in pursuing your claim, you will require the assistance of skilled lawyers who focus on personal injury cases and can guide you through court proceedings, paperwork, and evidence collecting.

Highly Experienced Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorneys

In winning your case, we will need to prove the other  party was negligent and you sustained injuries. For car accidents, negligent conduct can be proven by showing the other driver was ignoring road conditions and other traffic laws. For trip and falls, we need to show that the property owner failed to maintain their property in a reasonably safe fashion. It is best to show the property owner had knowledge of a hazard on their property but failed to remedy the condition.

In a case of personal injury, evidence collected, reported, and accumulated is key.  Our attorneys will be able to decipher which evidence is crucial in winning your case to make up for the injuries you have suffered from your situation.  Good attorneys will also be able to have insider knowledge when it comes to the courtroom, which can prove to be a difficult arena in trying to settle a case. We have the experience that matters to help you win your case.

Aronberg & Aronberg have a lengthy and successful record in courtroom cases that deal with personal injury and have the knowledge and skill in producing the evidence required in regaining justice for our clients.  For this reason, it is essential that you have a knowledgeable attorney who can produce the best evidence and documentation to win your case, as well as having relationships with those pertinent inside the courtroom.

Car accidents, injuries gained on a work site, motorcycle or boating accidents, and other circumstances that allow for victims to obtain injuries common in Boca Raton, Florida, all produce documentation and evidence needed to analyze a case.  Without an attorney, you may be unaware of which pieces of documentation and paperwork are needed for your court appointments and this could be detrimental to the outcome.

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal and negotiate with, and this is why having a Boca Raton attorney who specializes in personal injury can be immensely beneficial for your case.  Many cases are actually settled out of court, and even so, you will need an experienced representative who can vouch for your needs to achieve your desired compensation for your settlement.

Don’t let the insurance companies boss you around and try to upper hand you in what you deserve.  Instead, allow your attorney to do navigate these murky waters to act as your allocator in your personal injury case.  As professional litigators, the lawyers at Aronberg & Aronberg have a long history in handling personal injury cases with more than satisfactory results for our clients.

In choosing a Boca personal injury lawyer, the first aspect to examine in your potential attorney is to see if they specialize in this area of practice.  You will want an attorney who is well practiced in handling cases similar to yours.  Aronberg & Aronberg is known for their years of practicing in personal injury law and is attuned to nearly every type injury related case. We do not spend time on any cases not involving personal injury.

Aronberg & Aronberg Will Fight HARD For Your Boca Raton Accident Case

Your personal injury lawyer should want to champion your case.  Get a lawyer who believes in your case and will see it through to the very end.  The experienced lawyer, David Aronberg hold each personal injury case in high regard and will accomplish justice until its conclusion.

It is this very mindset that is the driving force of our team of season lawyers at Aronberg & Aronberg.  We hold each case in the highest esteem to be the navigators and guides for those seeking justice in their personal injury cases.

Clients have reported receiving the justice they deserved in their specific, individualized cases.

Aronberg & Aronber have amassed years of satisfied clients and experience in many Boca Raton personal injury cases and are attuned in achieving the results to meet their clients’ high expectations.  For Boca Raton accidents resulting in personal injuries, the seasoned team at Aronberg & Aronberg can help you achieve the best outcome for your case, and we have years of testimonials that can attest to our abilities.

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