Beware of wrong way driving

On December 30, 2015, a twenty-three year old woman entered I-95 northbound in Miami Gardens while heading in the wrong direction. Shortly after, she collided head on with another vehicle killing its four passengers and also killing herself.

Unfortunately, this type of accident is not a rare occurrence in Florida. A study published by the Florida Department of Transportation, the FDOT, reveals that between 2009-2013, there were 280 wrong-way crashes in our state and that 21% of those occurred in Miami-Dade County. Out of the 280 accidents, 51% resulted in severe injuries and 18% in death. Majority of wrong way movements happen when an individual enters the freeway from an exit ramp. Often, the characteristics commonly involved in these incidents involve driver impairment by drugs and/or alcohol, late night or early morning driving (a significant majority of wrong way crashes occur between 12am-6am), driving in highly urbanized areas, and driving on weekends.

The state is actively studying measures to counter this trend. One of the most interesting technologies being developed is an in-vehicle alcohol detection technology that would allow the vehicle to identify an impaired driver and prevent the driver from operating the car. For the near future, the Miami Times reports that the “FDOT is experimenting with wrong-way detection devices and LED-illuminated WRONG WAY signs in pilot projects throughout the state, including 15 locations in South Florida. Family members of wrong-way crash victim Marisa Catronio are also working to introduce a bill to the Florida Legislature that will create more entrance-ramp awareness, along with physical devices to alert those driving the wrong way. In November 2013, Catronio and her best friend, Kaitlyn Ferrante, were killed on the Sawgrass Expressway by a drunk driver who was going the wrong way.

As the state continues to study and implement safety measures against wrong way crashes, drivers need to be safe and hyper-aware. If you see anything suspicious while on the road, specifically anything that resembles impaired driving, it is in your best interest to contact 911. Many accidents could be prevented by vigilant drivers that call in the suspicious driving into the authorities.

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