Beach Chairs Recalled Over Finger Amputation Risk

As our Delray Beach personal injury and product liability lawyers have discussed before, companies can be held liable for injuries caused by the products they sell. In order to limit the number of injuries which can be caused by faulty products, items found to be dangerous can be “recalled.” This recall process can either be initiated by the government or by the company directly. This blog discusses yet another IKEA recall.

One of the most recent recalls is one being issued by IKEA, the famous Swedish built-it-yourself furniture retailer. On January 27, IKEA issued a recall of more than 33,000 MYSINGSÖ beach chairs. The chairs were sold at IKEA stores around the country and online from February 2013 through December of 2016 for roughly $25.00. (Check here for specifics in order to determine whether the recall covers a product you own.)

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the discovered hazard is that the beach chairs “can collapse, posing fall and fingertip amputation hazards.” When preparing for a trip to the beach, one of the things you probably do not have on your to-do list is lose a finger (or part of a finger). In leading up to the recall, IKEA received more than a dozen reports of incidents involving these beach chairs. The reported incidents included ten injuries, six of which resulted in fingertip amputations. As our Delray Beach product liability attorneys understand, one of the finger amputations and two of the other incidents took place here in the United States.

Those who currently have the chairs have the option of either (a) exchanging the chairs for a free (hopefully safe) replacement or (b) exchanging the chairs for a full refund. More information on the remedies available to consumers, and how to exchange the chairs, can be found here.

Our Delray Beach product liability lawyers believe that people should be aware of two important facts regarding product recalls and product liability, each described briefly below.

Recalls Do Not Automatically Imply Liability
As product liability lawyers representing plaintiffs, we understand that a company issued recall does not guarantee trial success. In other words, if you wind up being injured because of a product which had been recalled, asserting the fact of the recall in court does not automatically mean that you win the case. (If recalls guaranteed a loss for a manufacturer at trial, this would encourage manufacturers not to issue recalls, and we want companies to warn us when they find out their products cause harm.) This is just another reason why if you have been injured by a product you purchased or were given, you need to retain an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury law firm.
Recalls Do Not Immunize Manufacturers from Liability
But just as a recall does not necessarily imply liability, issuing a recall and warning consumers that the product they own can cause harm does not necessarily let manufacturers and/or retailers off the hook for any injuries which take place. That means that even if you keep a product after a recall has been issued (you should always do your best to cease using a recalled product and find a safer alternative), and you are injured by that recalled product, you might still have a good case against the retailer or manufacturer. It is unreasonable to assume that every consumer will hear of the recall, or remember that their product is one of the products warned of, or be able to comply with the recall’s recommendations, etc.

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