Autonomous Accident with Uber Self-driven Vehicle

Autonomous Accident with Uber Self-driven Vehicle

In line with this recent tragic accident that occurred in Tempe, Arizona, Uber has taken away all self-driving or autonomous vehicles from the public streets. This was caused by a fatal accident involving a completely autonomous car.

Elaine Herzberg was walking along with her bicycle through a road on the night of Sunday, March 15, 2018. An upcoming Uber SUV struck and killed her.

Rafael Vasquez, an Uber test driver, was sitting on the driver’s side of the mentioned automobile. The SUV was a Volvo XC90.

The police department is currently investigating the crash. According to Tempe Police Detective Lily Duran, basing from initial evidence, the vehicle was going about 40mph in a 35mph speed limit area. In regard to this, the investigation also showed that there were no initial signs that the SUV decreased its speed or slowed down before the accident. If necessary charges would be filed, it would be soon determined by the Attorney’s Office. The car is part of Uber’s self-driving automobiles and it was mentioned in the investigation that it was on “autonomous mode” during the moment of the accident. Rafael Vasquez was the operator and also said he was on the driver’s side during the collision.

Tempe police release video of Uber collision from CNBC.

Autonomous Vehicle Testing

During tests on autonomous vehicles, an individual or a person sits behind the wheel. Autonomous mode specifies that the vehicle is driving automatically or can be left alone.

Uber has been conducting tests on autonomous automobiles in Toronto, Arizona, Pittsburgh and other places. It was also mentioned by Uber after the said incident that it has ceased testing vehicles throughout Canada and the United States. Uber said that they are fully cooperating and collaborating with the local investigators and officials. Uber mentioned, “Our hearts go out to the victim’s family”.

Self-driving vehicles face challenging work dealing with bicyclists and pedestrians. This industry has found a faster and more efficient success highway driving as it has a smaller amount of complications regarding driving atmospheres and conditions.

In the year 2017, Uber temporarily grounded its cars from the streets right after a certain Uber autonomous automobile landed sideways in Tempe. Uber beforehand pulled out its cars while investigating certain accidents.

Uber self driving Volvo - Autonomous Vehicle


Self-driving automobiles have been a big development and also has been quite a success in the state of Arizona. Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, organized an order to permit self-driving vehicles to be utilized on state streets, without having any individual or test driver to supervise or stay inside the car. On the other hand, the self-driving coordinator of Google’s parent company, Waymo, is initiating a self-driving car facility. This will be launched this year in Phoenix and Arizona area. Intel and GM’s Cruise are also conducting tests in the area of Arizona due to workable weather conditions present in this area. There are still complications with autonomous vehicles in extreme weather conditions. Uber’s autonomous system, however, is made and designed to not have a human behind the wheel.

In 2016, there was a deadly accident that occurred involving this futuristic technology. A man died in a Tesla while the autopilot feature was initiated. As specified by Tesla though after this incident, the Tesla Autopilot system is only partially autonomous and human assistance is still required or needed during driving the vehicle.

Here he is before his death in a YouTube video talking about his Tesla:

Legal Advice from Personal Injury Attorneys

Self-driving autonomous cars pose a lot of legal issues and circumstances for car accident lawyers in different areas and states. Attorneys would have to ask multiple questions about the case and determine who is at root to be blamed. These types of accidents can give rise to lawsuits against the operator, vehicle owner, and vehicle manufacturer.

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