Auto accidents – elderly drivers???

Auto accidents – elderly drivers???

Take Driving Lessons From Your Grandmother!

A new study conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and
The University of Pennsylvania may make you second-guess yourself as you begin
to honk and yell at the elderly driver in front of you.

The study includes car accident data from the years 2003 to 2007 involving
more than 215,000 children. According to the study, when the children were
being driven by their parents, the rate of injury was 1.05%. In contrast,
when the children were being driven by their grandparents, the rate of
injury was merely .7%.

There are a number of theories as to why the children’s bodily health fared
better with their elder relatives. Some experts say that despite the fact
that parents are better equipped to fasten safety harnesses around small
children than are grandparents, grandparents are the ones who take the extra
care to ensure that their grandchild arrives at their destination safely.
That’s not to say that parents don’t care about their children’s welfare-it
just means that old pinch on the cheek at family reunions goes a long way.

So, why do senior citizens have a bad reputation when it comes to driving?
Well, sure, there are some seniors that are simply awful drivers. But there
are some youngsters who are awful drivers, too. Even the people in between
can mess up from time to time. Don’t believe all the criticism you hear
about the elderly-they may just end up saving your life.

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