Apps For Lawyers

As we all know, technology has taken tremendous leaps forward in the past decade. Most recently, Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and iPad has revolutionized the world of mobile technology.

For lawyers, doing legal reasearch has become far more accessible with the convenient Safari application built into the iPhone and iPad. What most people don’t realize is that the App Store has opened up a wealth of opportunity for lawyers attempting to organize, research, and reduce the inherent stress level that a large case load can induce.

One of the newer Apps for attorneys, TrialPad, lets lawyers use their iPad to present PDF files and make changes on the fly, whether highlighting lines in a medical record for a jury or zooming in and circling part of an X-ray photo. At a one time fee of $89.99, this App can cut out costly courtroom presentation consultants. Maybe more importantly, the ability to upload files in preparation for a court hearing allows lawyers to leave boxes of files at the office. It offers lawyers the convenience of having to bring just the iPad to court with all of the relevant information needed for a successful trial.

There are also several other Apps that aid lawyers in selecting a jury. These are more organizational tools that can make profiles of each of the potential jurors so that lawyers can make educated decisions without having to commit faces and names of jurors to memory.

Some notable IPad Apps to check out: Trialpad, ExhibitA, The Law Guide, IJuror and FastCase.

Apps for lawyers are becoming increasingly popular. There are several new Apps in production designed to make the tedious process of filing hundreds of papers more tolerable, and more organized. As technology continues to grow, even the most old-school lawyers will be forced to conform because the benefits of these resources will soon be impossible to ignore.

The Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg enjoys using all of the latest computer technology including case management software “TrialWorks”, paperless office technology and mobile technology for trials including the latest IPad2. We look forward to the challenge of keeping up with sweeping technological changes and the imminent transformation into a paperless society.

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