Apple IPAD – Trial Touch App

Apple IPAD – Trial Touch App

It’s safe to say that we live in a more advanced, exploratory and innovative world than any of us could have imagined us inhabiting at this point in time. As we look at the iWorld around us, it’s hard to think of something that’s not made easier and more efficient by the use of computer technology. We can edit feature-length films while sitting in our living rooms on our iMac, we can order food for delivery while sitting in bed on our iPhone, and now we lawyers can conduct a civil trial, from start to finish, on our iPad (and iPad 2). We call it the iLawyer. DK Global Inc. calls it “Trial Touch.”

As the company who created it describes it, Trial Touch takes you from “opening statement to closing in the most reliable, dynamic, and innovative approach possible.” It’s quite a pioneer in its category – and that’s an understatement. The App, now available in the iTunes Store, simply converts your videos, images, scanned documents, contact numbers, calendars and everything else trial-related easily and quickly into the App on your iPad device. Then, the information is stored in the famous “cloud,” so whether rain or shine, you can access these files from anywhere in the world. No more DVDs of testimony that are scratched and muffled. No more pulling up documents that you thought were transcripts of a deposition, but were in fact copied over by your middle school child’s report on Mesopotamia. Everything related to your trial is saved wirelessly, waiting for you to beckon it when you need it.

Another benefit of the “cloud” comes into play when you’re sitting outside of a court room and remember at the last minute that you left an important document on your desk – across the country. There’s no time for your assistant to ship it over to you in time – you need it NOW! Well, with Trial Touch, your assistant can simply upload the document to the “cloud” and you can retrieve it via your iPad’s Trial Touch App with the tap of a finger. No more worrying about forgotten documents. Trial Touch is chock-full of useful advantages that give the lawyers who use it the upper-hand. When it rains it pours!

Trial Touch gives you the edge you need to out-perform your opposing counsel. In a world inundated with iThis and iThat, raw talent is sometimes overlooked in the midst of an ever-increasing amount of technology. Trial Touch brings the legal know-how you already possess to the forefront of the legal process by simplifying the legal process. Stacks of mismatched papers and clutters of discs and tapes are the ways of the old world. We are entering the new world and “slow” is now just an outdated word in an outdated dictionary. We think Trial Touch is a wonderful addition to the world of legal practice. With just a touch, the full scope of a trial is at your fingertips.

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