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Personal injury law covers much more than auto accidents

Despite popular belief to the contrary, personal injury law covers much more than auto accidents. While the scope of P.I. law extends beyond the typical “accident,” it is true that accidents of some sort comprise the majority of issues that we deal with. So, we’d like to give you an outline of some of the varying types of accidents you might find yourself in.

First, we have the common auto accident. Car crashes can be the result of a multitude of wrongdoings—texting while driving, speeding, driving while intoxicated, driving during inclement weather, being distracted by something else in the car, following too closely, etc. As you can see, there are a wide variety of things that can lead to a car crash. Some crashes result in a simple ding in a bumper but some can be much more costly—and fatal. If you’re the victim in a given accident (meaning that the crash was caused by the negligence of someone else), you are entitled to compensation for your damages. These damages might include damage to your vehicle, bodily injuries, lost wages from missing work, emotional trauma, etc. These damages are recovered from the negligent party—the individual (or group of individuals) who failed to act appropriately and thus caused the accident and your damages.

Just as cars can crash and there can be accidents on the roadway, so too can there be accidents on water and in the air. These types of accidents, referred to as maritime and aviation accidents can be just as costly as on-road accidents, if less frequent. Accidents on the water can stem from many of the same causes as on-road accidents and can include all of the same consequences. Damages can be recovered from a negligent individual (if such a person hit your boat with theirs), a negligent ship captain (if, for example, you are on a cruise that crashes and leads to fatalities and other damages), or the corporation that operates a cruise liner (as was evidenced by the Costa Concordia which crashed off the coast of Italy). In the skies, just as on the road and on the water, who you can collect damages from is determined by who acted negligently and caused the damages and/or who is responsible for the party that acted negligently.

Another type of accident—and the last we’ll describe in this blog—is the slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents pin responsibility on the property owners for accidents caused by hazards on their properties. These hazards are not necessarily brazen dangers such as open fire pits and swords strewn over the living room; sometimes a hazard that causes an accident can be as unnoticeable as a small amount of water on a tile floor or a piece of raised stone on a walkway. Property owners that might face a slip and fall negligence case could be a homeowner whose guest slipped and fell on wet tile or a casino owner whose customer tripped and fell over a misplaced stone on the steps. Still, like other personal injury matters, these cases are not set in stone, so to speak. There are always some risks that you knowingly take when entering any building.

This blog is not a full and complete analysis of personal injury-type accidents. For more information, or to discuss your case for free, please contact us at the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg by calling 561-266-9191 or emailing us at daronberg@build.simple.biz.

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