411: The Dangers of Prescription Drugs

411: The Dangers of Prescription Drugs


Without a doubt, among the greatest benefits that evolving scientific technology has provided us with are prescription medications tailored to treat previously incurable medical conditions or prevent other medical issues.  Still, the fact that pharmaceutical companies have discovered new and innovative ways to combat harmful and deadly diseases should not preclude us from questioning and analyzing the wide range of effects that these drugs have. Sometimes, the solution is worse than the problem. This doesn’t mean that the problem should be ignored, but rather that the particular solution should be more carefully considered.

Anti-depressants are one of the most dangerous prescription drug classes available on the market today. Widely consumed and consistently prescribed, anti-depressants, many of which fall under the category of SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), have been extensively documented as coming with dangerous side effects. In addition to often creating harmful dependencies, SSRIs such as fluoxetine (Prozac), fluvoxamine (Luvox), escitalopram (Lexapro), etc., have occasional, even more immediately dangerous side effects such as hallucinations, vomiting blood, and even birth defects. These side effects have been the basis for claims for years. For example, Prozac, which was approved for use in 1987, had paid out over $20 million in claims by 2000, after just 13 years on the market.

Another prescription medication, Yaz, the birth control medicine produced by Bayer, has been the recipient of multiple civil lawsuits. Many women who have taken Yaz have experienced wildly harmful physical side effects due to Yaz. While the FDA did order that Bayer improve the warning label on the Yaz packaging, the directive came too late for many of the women who had already taken Yaz and experienced the harmful effects of the prescription drug.

There are far more prescription medications than simply anti-depressants and birth control pills that cause severe injuries to those who consume them. If you’ve been experienced a harmful side effect of a drug, the possibility of which you were not adequately informed of, you deserve the opportunity to fight for your rights. You took the drug to cure an ailment or prevent an unwanted medical condition, but these drugs were designed primarily to generate money for those who manufacture and market them. Widespread awareness of the harmful side effects of prescription drugs means that you can fight for your rights. Attorneys like those at the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg are here to assist you in asserting your legal privileges.

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