411: A Fatal Prescription

411: A Fatal Prescription

Our dedicated personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg know that increasing national focus on the dangers of prescription pill abuse has done little to curb the epidemic. Year after year, thousands of individuals hurt themselves and others because of the intoxicating effects of prescription pills.

One of the most dangerous aspects of prescription pills is that they exist legally. Unlike cocaine and heroin, for example, prescription pills frequent the medicine cabinets of people all over the world, and recognition of this fact does not raise eyebrows. The fact that the pills are easily obtained means that they’re far more accessible than illicit drugs, and therein lies a significant danger. While prescription pills such as Oxycontin, Xanax, Ambien, among a host of others, might serve a good purpose when prescribed by a physician for a specific medical purpose, the fact remains that the drugs are mind-altering substances that, when not used appropriately, can have fatal consequences.

As personal injury lawyers, we represent individuals who have been hurt in accidents of all types, including and especially car accidents caused by negligent or otherwise distracted drivers. In today’s world, there is no shortage of accessories that can serve to distract someone behind the wheel. Cell phones, iPods, iPads, Navigation systems, the radio, etc., all lure attention away from the road, where it belongs. Car accidents that lead to serious injury and death are often caused by drivers who are distracted in a more internal way, due to the effects of alcohol and other drugs, including and especially prescription medications.

While alcohol might have more of a stigma attached to it than medically beneficial prescription pills, the consequences of the latter can be just as – if not more – devastating than those of the former. Pill-induced intoxication can and does lead to serious car accidents, just like alcohol. In fact, somebody experiencing the effects of prescription pills often suffers from the same limitations as someone experiencing the effects of being drunk. Somebody who is under the influence of prescription pills will frequently experience impaired time and distance estimations, the inability to maintain headway, motor coordination issues, drowsiness, etc., all of which are incredibly dangerous sensations, especially when experienced by someone in control of a motor vehicle.

Here in the Sunshine State, driving while high on prescription pills isn’t just a bad idea; it is illegal and can land you in jail and court, charged with a DUI. When you get behind the wheel of a car while high on pills, you subject yourself and your fellow motorists and pedestrians to all types of danger and you run the risk of injuring yourself and/or others, and you’ll be held responsible for the damages associated with the injuries you cause while negligently (and illegally) driving while high.

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