411: How Your Case Will Proceed

411: How Your Case Will Proceed

Following a traumatic incident such as a car accident, many individuals who have sustained personal injuries face the daunting prospect of the unknown. How will I pay for my car repairs? What about my medical bills? How will I make money if I’m injured and can’t work? The answers to these important questions lie with how you go about handling your personal injury case.

One of the benefits of hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is that, as professional legal practitioners who have handled these types of cases for years, we’ve already answered these questions for thousands of others. Thus, we know how to go about helping you, too.

While hiring an attorney and beginning the legal process of seeking compensation are necessary for a wide variety of reasons, doing so can also lead to even more of the unknown. When you meet with our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation, for example, you will provide us with all of the facts surrounding the incident in question. Subsequently, should we both decide to move forward, you will allow us to access your relevant medical records, the police report for the incident, etc. – all of the documents that we will need to back up your claim. But after you’ve turned over the reins of the case to our lawyers, you might feel a bit “out of the loop.”

At the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg, we never want you to feel out of touch with your legal case. Thus, our legal team – from our firm’s managing partner, to our paralegal support staff, to the office managers who keep the wheels of rolling – are all dedicated to keeping you “in the know.” Without causing any disruption to your life, we will embrace frequent check-ins via telephone and e-mail as an effort to involve you in every aspect of your case. We work diligently for you, and we certainly want you to be comfortable with the work that we are doing on your behalf.

We are so devoted to your knowledge of how your case will proceed that, below, we have outlined the progression of a typical personal injury case stemming from an auto accident.

After a free consultation, we will sign the appropriate legal documents enabling us to collect the paperwork (mentioned above) that we need.
Then, we will draft a letter on your behalf to be sent to the party responsible for compensating you for the damages. In this letter, typically sent to the insurance company (or companies) of the negligent party (or parties), we will outline the facts of the case, including the accident, the injuries, the medical opinion of the doctors with whom you’ve met, etc. Also in this letter, we will reach a dollar amount that we believe you deserve in compensation; this figure will be the sum of costs associated with the accident, including but not limited to your past medical bills and expected, future medical bills.
Typically, the insurance company for the responsible party will respond, claiming that they are not responsible for whatever reason and/or dont want to pay a settlement too large, and our attorneys will answer them with the facts and the relevant legal reasoning, providing a compelling argument as to why you are entitled to the compensation we previously claimed you deserve.
In many cases, our attorneys will reach a settlement agreement with the other side. Once you have approved the terms of the settlement, the agreement will be signed and our firm will receive the check with your compensation. The only time that our firm is paid is after we’ve received the money from you; we will take a previously agreed-upon percentage of the overall amount of money recovered (typically 33%), we will make sure that your bills are paid for you, and then you will keep the rest.
If the opposing party refuses to compromise or reach a settlement agreement, and you and the firm agree that taking the case to trial is in your best interests, we will file a complaint and initiate legal proceedings against the opposing party. The likelihood that you will have to appear in court is small; even after we’ve started the legal process of filing the lawsuit, in most cases, the two sides will come together to avoid the actual trial. However, if the insurance company does not make an offer that is acceptable to you, we will be happy to present your case to a jury.
At the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg, our practice is focused on one thing: your satisfaction. As your law firm, we will always do our best to make sure that you are comfortable with how your case is being handled. To schedule a free consultation with one of our South Florida personal injury lawyers, please call us at 561-266-9191 or e-mail us at daronberg@build.simple.biz.

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