The Law changed for YOU!!!

The Law changed for YOU!!!

Hundreds of years ago, the United States found itself serving as a prime catalyst for the industrial revolution which spanned to encompass both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  During this time of mammoth innovation, new frontiers were explored, production was expedited and the American workforce kicked into a higher gear than ever before.  Advancements were made in many areas of culture (both ours and others’).  Part of life during this time of extraordinary development was a legal culture that often sided with the heads of large corporations rather than the people doing the manual labor. 

Many businesses on the rise involved tremendously dangerous working environments for employees.  Coal mining regions and steel factories provided hostile and rough conditions in which men, women and children worked tirelessly to provide bread for their families.  The industrial revolution was a proud chapter in our nation’s history, but it did not exist flawlessly.  In such dangerous situations, injuries were commonplace and the medicine of the day was incomparable to that of modern times, so the consequences of the injuries often times proved catastrophic.  If you were injured on the jobsite, the usual rebuttal to a complaint against the company you worked for sounded something like this: “You knew it was a dangerous job, so you can’t collect money for your injuries.”  Also, if you were injured due to the negligence of another employee at the factory, you couldn’t sue the company for your injuries, despite how devastating they may have been. 

Today that has changed.  The law has retooled itself to serve the interests of the nation’s workers.  Many jobs today are still dangerous, and there is a risk of danger in all aspects of life: from the knives we cut our bread with, to the cars we drive, to the cranes we operate on a job site.  What has really developed over the years is our ability to protect ourselves using the law.  If you are injured at work, the company operating the site at which you were injured may be held liable.  If you are injured due to the negligence of another, they can be held accountable, even if you knew what you were doing – let’s say, driving – involved some degree of risk.  The law exists to preserve order in society, and a large portion of that responsibility is to ensure compensation for injuries caused. 

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