Like many other cities in Florida, Wellington has hundreds of visitors and commuters traveling in and out of the city on a daily basis. Riding a bus is often a great choice of transportation for people who want to avoid traffic and having to pay for gas. Unfortunately, as with all motor vehicles, buses can be involved in accidents that leave people with significant injuries.

If a bus crash hurt you or a loved one, you should consider consulting with a Wellington bus accident lawyer about your legal options. Our dedicated legal team might be able to help you recover compensation for your losses through a personal injury claim.

Possible At-Fault Parties in Bus Wreck Claims

The first step to recovering compensation after a bus collision is determining the direct cause of the crash. An injured bus passenger or occupant of another vehicle must establish that someone else is legally responsible for causing the accident to be able to recover compensation.

Bus Driver

Driver error is the most frequent cause of bus crashes. Bus drivers sometimes fall prey to some of the same driving mistakes as other drivers. They speed, drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol, ignore traffic signals, and occasionally become distracted from their driving duties. Bus drivers frequently drive long hours throughout the day and night and can also become overtired, causing them to lose focus. These examples may all constitute driver negligence.

Bus Company

Bus companies have a duty to ensure their vehicles are in a safe condition and their drivers have received proper training. Sometimes, the bus company that employs a reckless driver is legally responsible for their employee’s actions. The company could be at fault if they knowingly hired inexperienced drivers or provided their employees with substandard driving training. The bus company could also be liable if they failed to regularly inspect and maintain their vehicles.

Third-Party Drivers

Some accidents happen when third-party drivers make negligent driving mistakes. For example, if a passenger car runs a red light, it could cause a chain reaction accident involving a bus. In these circumstances, liability may lie with that car’s driver.

Bus Parts Manufacturer

If a bus collides with another vehicle or a stationary object because of defective brakes or another faulty part, the company responsible for manufacturing or maintaining these parts might be to blame.


If dangerous road conditions, such as uneven road surfaces, potholes, missing guardrails, or broken traffic lights, led to a crash, the local government authority in charge of road conditions or repairs could be at fault.

Our skilled Wellington attorneys could investigate the cause of a bus crash to determine who is legally liable.

Bus Collisions Have Severe Consequences

Bus collisions cause devastating injuries to both passengers in the vehicle and people outside the bus. Bus passengers do not typically wear seatbelts, which significantly increases the risk of severe injuries as passengers may be thrown from their seats if the bus suddenly stops or hits a stationary object. Other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other people outside the bus also frequently experience life-threatening injuries due to the sheer size, weight, and configuration of these large commercial vehicles.

Our lawyers in Wellington could help evaluate the impact that a bus accident has had on someone’s life to help pursue a fair damages award or settlement.

Call a Wellington Bus Collision Attorney

Recovering from a bus wreck can be grueling. As you navigate the journey of recovering your physical and emotional health, you should not have to worry about financial costs. If someone else’s actions caused the crash that led to your injuries, you may have the right to compensation.

If you decide to pursue a legal claim, you should not try to handle your case alone. These claims can involve several liable parties, and you should work with a knowledgeable Wellington bus accident lawyer to enforce your rights and maximize potential compensation. Call Aronberg & Aronberg to discuss your next steps.

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