The sudden and unexpected death of a loved one can have endless consequences for surviving family members. Not getting the chance to share words of love one last time or even say goodbye can result in lingering emotional pain. These challenges can increase dramatically when your loved one’s death is accidental.

If you discover that your family member’s death could have been prevented had it not been for a person or company’s mistakes, you have legal options. A Boca Raton wrongful death lawyer understands your grief and could help you pursue a legal claim. Our personal injury attorneys offer attentive support through every stage of your legal proceedings.

How Wrongful Death Lawsuits Work

Wrongful death suits and survival actions allow the representatives of a deceased individual’s estate to pursue claims relating to that person’s untimely death.

Wrongful Death Actions

In wrongful death actions, the personal representative of a decedent’s estate can pursue claims for damages that surviving family members experience because of the unexpected death. The estate can pursue recovery for the following types of damages:

  • Lost income and financial support that the deceased person would have provided to family members who were financially dependent on them, such as a surviving spouse or minor children
  • Loss of companionship, such as for a spouse
  • Loss of guidance, such as from a parent to a child
  • Mental pain and emotional suffering
  • Funeral expenses

An experienced attorney could help a family maximize their potential recovery by gathering evidence that proves the extent to which survivors relied on the decedent in their daily lives. A legal professional could calculate the lifetime value of the lost income the deceased person could have earned from the present until retirement age. Our legal team also has experience putting a dollar figure on other services, such as household and childcare duties, that the decedent can no longer provide.

Survival Actions

Survival actions also relate to a deceased person’s untimely death. However, while wrongful death suits give survivors compensation for their losses relating to their loved one’s death, survival actions involve compensation for losses that the deceased person might have sought had they survived their injuries. Survival action lawsuits can be understood as personal injury lawsuits that survive a decedent’s death.

The personal representative of an estate can pursue damages for losses the decedent experienced before passing away, such as medical costs as well as pain and suffering. Survival actions can also compensate the estate for the lost wages the decedent would have earned from the period after their injury to the date they died. Our seasoned Boca Raton lawyers could help a grieving family determine whether a survival action or wrongful death suit is more appropriate.

Deadlines in Boca Raton Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Although surviving family members likely have a lot on their minds and should take time to grieve their loss, they do not have unlimited time to bring a legal claim. State law requires a personal representative of an estate to file a lawsuit within two years of a decedent’s death. A compassionate Boca Raton attorney could help a family comply with the relevant laws to get their wrongful death claim started.

Meet With a Boca Raton Wrongful Death Attorney

There are no words to describe the experience of suddenly losing someone you love, especially when that death should never have occurred. Trying to figure out how to take legal action by yourself may feel like an impossible task. You should take the time to grieve and leave the legal work to an experienced team of attorneys who know how to handle complicated and delicate cases.

Meet with a Boca Raton wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to discuss how we can best support you as you move forward. Call Aronberg & Aronberg now.

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