Even though car drivers have a legal obligation to protect everyone they share the road with, careless or outright illegal driving remains common throughout the state of Florida. It only takes a second for one driver’s poor choices to result in severe injuries and serious property damage. When a reckless driver injures you, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

At Aronberg & Aronberg, an experienced Boca Raton car accident lawyer is always available to help you with your car accident case. From day one, our Personal Injury team is prepared to investigate the cause of a crash and its effects on your life. We can use evidence of another driver’s fault to build your case and present powerful settlement demands for compensation to the insurance company. We are also prepared to go the distance and take your case to court to get the compensation you deserve. Call Aronberg & Aronberg to get started.

Determining Fault for a Car Collision

A critical element of an injury claim is proving that another person was at fault in the accident that led to your losses. A seasoned Boca Raton auto accident attorney can assess traffic laws, contact witnesses, and gather evidence from the crash to determine who should be liable for your losses. We employ the latest technology to use in your case to make sure we leave no stone unturned.

In certain cases, it can be clear who caused the crash. Florida law governs the safe operation of all motor vehicles; when a driver fails to follow these rules, they may be considered negligent. Activities such as speeding, failing to yield, or texting while driving all may in some way cause a crash.

Some car accidents are caused by actions that are careless but not necessarily illegal, such as the driver talking with a passenger, eating behind the wheel, or applying makeup while driving. Even when an action does not result in a traffic ticket, it may still be possible to prove the distracted driver was at fault for an accident. The best way to determine whether you have a case is to schedule a free consultation with an attorney at Aronberg & Aronberg.

Comparative Fault Laws Apply to Auto Accident Cases

When evaluating car accident cases, courts in Boca Raton and elsewhere in the state of Florida use a concept called comparative negligence.

Prior to enactment of a new law in March 2024, defendants could argue an injured person’s own actions contributed to an accident. The court and jury would then evaluate the actions of everyone involved in a crash; if it assigned fault to the injured person, the final amount owed to them might have been reduced by the percentage they were found to be at fault.

After enactment of the March 2024 law, an injured person who is found to be over 50% at fault is not eligible to collect any damages at all. This is a huge change in our Florida law and one that obviously does not benefit injured people.

Pursuing Full Compensation for Your Losses

Any settlement or lawsuit aims to collect payments that return an injured person to their financial position before the accident as closely as possible. Insurance companies may try to limit payouts after a crash, but we believe in fighting for full compensation that accounts for both economic and non-economic losses.

Damages a Boca Raton attorney can fight for after a car crash include:

Medical Costs

A demand for fair compensation should include payments to cover all of an injured person’s medical bills. This includes both past and future costs of medical treatment and doctor’s appointments.

Lost Wages

Someone who was injured by a negligent driver may miss time on the job for medical care or during their recovery. An at-fault driver and their insurance company should provide payments for past and future lost wages to compensate the injured person for lost wages.

Lost Quality of Life, and Pain and Suffering

Auto accidents affect every person’s life in unique ways. Some people may experience significant, lasting pain connected to a physical injury, while others may find they are unable to ride in a car without emotional distress stemming from their accident. We understand these losses are worth more than any amount of money; but financial compensation can provide stability and a sense of justice as you move forward.

Reach Out to a Boca Raton Car Accident Attorney Now To Protect Your Rights

Despite laws guiding motorists, a single careless or reckless action behind the wheel can have devastating consequences. When another driver hurts you, you should not have to worry about the financial cost of your losses. A Boca Raton car accident lawyer is available who can help prove another motorist was at fault and so should be liable for providing compensation.

Aronberg & Aronberg dedicate 100% of our resources to helping accident victims like you achieve successful outcomes through injury claims. We take the time to get to know you, so we can understand how a negligent driver has affected your life. Give us a call to set up your free consultation.

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