While Florida state law requires all motor vehicle owners to purchase a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage which just includes coverage for medical bills and property damage, not everyone complies with this requirement. If you were involved in a wreck with someone who did not have auto insurance or the right kind of coverage, you may face challenges recovering financial damages because of that person’s irresponsible behavior.

Fortunately, you have help available from knowledgeable car accident attorneys who know how to handle cases such as yours in the most proactive and effective way possible. By working closely with a seasoned Wellington uninsured motorist accident lawyer, you could have much better chances of obtaining comprehensive compensation for your losses.

Taking Advantage of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

One benefit of Florida’s “no-fault” approach to car insurance is that people injured in wrecks involving uninsured drivers can still seek medical treatment for their injuries through their own auto insurance coverage called Personal Injury Protection (PIP), no matter who is to blame for the crash. While specific limits may vary from policy to policy, PIP coverage typically covers $10,000.00 of a policyholder’s crash-related medical bills, reimburses 60% of lost wages or salary, and provides death benefits to family members in the event of a fatal injury. However, in PIP claims, there is no possibility of recovering additional damages for pain and suffering.

For this reason, it can be extremely important for drivers in Florida to purchase uninsured motorist coverage (UM) as part of their overall car insurance policy. This type of coverage is optional in Florida, but after a wreck with an uninsured driver, it can provide a significant amount of coverage an injured person needs as a replacement for what the uninsured at fault driver’s insurance should have provided. A Wellington attorney could further explain how uninsured motorist coverage works and assist with maximizing compensation from this policy after a crash.

Filing Suit Against an Uninsured Driver

If UM is not available or does not cover all damages caused by an auto accident involving an uninsured driver, it may be possible to file suit directly against the uninsured driver to recover additional losses. However, this option is not normally viable as the end result may be that the injured person obtains a judgment against the at fault party and there is no way for the judgment to be paid (cant get blood from a stone).An uninsured motorist accident lawyer in Wellington could offer guidance about possible ways of navigating around this problem—for example, putting a lien on the uninsured driver’s assets, setting up a payment plan, or garnishing their wages. All of which are extremely difficult avenues for success.

A Wellington Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorney Could Help

Uninsured motor vehicle drivers in Florida are not just breaking the law—they are putting everyone around them at risk of serious financial harm in the event they end up in an auto accident. While guidance from legal counsel is always important to achieve the best possible result from car accident litigation, it can be downright essential when it comes to recovering any compensation in situations involving uninsured drivers.

A conversation with a Wellington uninsured motorist accident lawyer could give you the clarity and confidence you need to make the most of your recovery options. Call Aronberg & Aronberg, Injury Law Firm, today to schedule a consultation.


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