Stock Broker Fraud

Jan. 2nd, 2010   /   Results , News

Stock Broker Fraud

A large confidential settlement was reached on behalf of a client who was the victim of stock broker neglect and fraud. Our client, an elderly widow, was the victim of a stock broker’s improper placement into numerous annuities and continuous buying and selling of financial products.

We hired a nationally renowned financial industry expert to testify on our client’s behalf. His testimony was key in obtaining approximately three times our client’s out of pocket losses. He projected what our client would have made on her initial investment if it was properly handled by a financial professional.

“This was a gratifying result from both our perspective and our clients. We felt that not only did we make our client happy and fully compensated for her losses but perhaps we also sent a message to this particular financial institution that this type of improper conduct should not be tolerated”, said attorney David T. Aronberg.

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