• Q What is product liability law, and when it is applicable?

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    Product liability law is the name for the area of law governing consumer products that cause injury or death. This field of law is designed to protect consumers from harmful or defective products. The fact is that thousands of preventable deaths (and many more thousands of preventable injuries) occur each year due to use of faulty products. When someone is injured while using a faulty product, the resulting injuries can mean significant pain, medical costs, job loss, and a variety of other social and personal losses (not to mention the possibility of death). When someone is injured or killed because a product they were using was manufactured in a faulty manner, they can bring a product liability action against and seek compensation for damages from the manufacturer.

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  • Q What are common examples of faulty products, which trigger product liability cases?

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    Faulty products come in all shapes and sizes and in all types of utility. Some of the most common products that can cause injury due to faulty manufacturing include:

    • Faulty tires, which can cause car accidents;
    • Baby toys which can prove to be choking hazards; and
    • Construction tools that cause user injury.
  • Q Who is held liable in product liability cases?

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    When the matter is an issue of faulty product liability (as opposed to strict liability, in which other involved parties along the chain of commerce might be held liable), the manufacturer of a given product can be held liable for claims arising out of injuries sustained and caused by manufacturing defects. Companies have a responsibility to the consumers who purchase their products; before an item is sold and released into the general public, it should be properly tested and approved for use. When a company fails to ensure that the products it is selling are safe, and when said products cause injury to the consumer who purchases them, the manufacturing company can be held liable for the resulting damages.

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