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Feb. 23rd, 2011   /   , , , ,

How IT Is Transforming Legal Services David Curle Law Technology News June 24, 2008 Access to information is a dangerous thing — to the people who have previously benefited from controlling the information. Just ask former travel agents driven out of business by passengers who now have access to the fares, schedules and booking systems…


Nov. 6th, 2007   /   , , ,

On Valentine’s Day 2005, our client was driving his automobile on I-95 when he was rear ended by an 18-wheel Tractor Trailer at approximately 17 m.p.h.. He sustained a highly unusual spinal injury at the top of his spine called Atlanto Axial instability as the result of the collision. He underwent spinal fusion surgery and…

Food Truck/Automobile

Sep. 2nd, 2006   /   ,

In September 2006, our client was operating his motor vehicle with his wife approaching an intersection. A food truck made a left hand turn at the intersection and broadsided our client’s vehicle. Our client sustained life threatening injuries, including having to have his spleen removed, fractured lumbar vertebrae, fractured shoulder and other orthopedic injuries. We…

Automobile Accident

Feb. 23rd, 2005   /   , ,

Our client sustained a knee injury as the result of an automobile accident. Four months after the accident, he suffered a stroke requiring in-patient rehabilitation. We argued to the jury that the stroke was directly related to the collision that occurred four months earlier. After a 2 week trial, the jury returned a verdict of…

Automobile Accident

Jul. 11th, 2004   /   , , ,

We obtained a significant jury verdict in an automobile accident case for our elderly client. Prior to the automobile accident, our client had a history of general back problems. However, following the auto accident, he developed a new injury to the disc in his spine. The insurance company argued to the jury that the auto…

Wrongful Death Motor Vehicle / Pedestrian Accident

Feb. 28th, 2002   /   ,

Our client was struck and killed while crossing a pedestrian walkway located inside a Palm Beach County condominium complex. The accident occurred at night. We retained engineering and accident reconstruction experts in order to re-create this unfortunate event and to determine how the accident happened. It was determined that several factors played a part in…

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