Why You Need an Attorney – Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg

Why You Need an Attorney – Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg

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Being self-sufficient is wonderful. If you can fix a leaky pipe, great! If you can change a flat tire without calling AAA, more power to you! It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve done something on your own without any outside assistance—there is tremendous satisfaction in that. However, one thing you should not try to do for yourself is represent yourself in a court of law. Sometimes a plumber or car mechanic are unnecessary if you have a leaky pipe or a blown tire, but lawyers, especially when there is so much on the line, are almost always necessary. Even if you know the ins-and-outs of your case, from your perspective (the pain, the costs, etc.,) the benefit of having an attorney on your side cannot be overstated.

In this blog we’re going to look at a few reasons why having a lawyer is so critical. Let’s start with the basics. Perhaps the best and most commonsense reason to retain an attorney to represent you in your personal injury lawsuit is the fact that the person on the other side of the case will have an attorney—especially if their insurance company is involved.  In correspondence, mediation, deposition or courtroom back-and-forths, if you try to argue the technicalities of the law with a veteran lawyer, you will find yourself at a disadvantage. You might know all of the facts of your case, but a lawyer, such as the one the opposing side will have, will know the ins-and-outs of the relevant law and precedent. Trying to debate technicalities with an expert in the field will not only prove futile, it might be harmful as well.

Secondly, and relatedly, you should retain a lawyer because the law is complex, especially when it comes to personal injury cases where there are usually, among other things, automobiles, traffic lights, police officers, ambulance reports, medical reports, doctor recommendations, and hospital bills involved. Personal injury lawyers have experience in analyzing each of these areas on their own and as they relate to the larger picture. Such ability is only attained through proper training and experience, and while you may be very bright, there are some things that lawyers have the ability, experience and know-how to do that you do not.

Furthermore, and related to having the knowledge of the complexities of the law, your lawyer will be removed and be objection about your case in a way that you are not, and will thus be able to judge courses of actions free from emotion. Think of it this way—somebody planning massive attacks on a battlefield is usually not the same person that is in the ranks of the troops. You need somebody who is removed from the immediate situation and who can see the whole picture.

Lastly, if you choose to represent yourself, chances are you will be costing yourself money. There are no out-of-pocket costs when hiring an attorney, though you will pay an attorney a percentage of what they recover for you (while you get to keep the vast majority of the money). A majority of the money is a lot more than 100% of a small amount of money. Lawyers in the field of personal injury know how to deal with outstanding balances, repayments and medical bills (in addition to negotiations) in a way that you do not, simply because you are not in the field of personal injury law. Even if you are in the field of personal injury law, emotions may lead you to make an unwise decision given your immediate relation to the case.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision and should not be made without proper consideration. Thus, feel free to contact the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg for a free consultation at 561-266-9191 or daronberg@build.simple.biz.