Why You Should Hire an Accident Attorney

Why You Should Hire an Accident Attorney

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Becoming involved in an accident can be very stressful. Not only do you have to contend with the physical injuries that have resulted from the incident, you will also have to deal with the emotional and psychological trauma the event may have brought into your life. If you’re seeking redress for any physical or psychological harm that may have befallen you as a direct result of the accident, then your best course of action will be to hire an accident attorney such as those from Aronberg & Aronberg Injury Law Firm. Here are some of the common reasons why you need such an attorney.

  • An accident attorney has a more objective assessment of the accident

One of the many pitfalls of not getting an accident attorney to handle your case is that you will be filing the claim based on your emotions. In many instances, you lose objectivity on what you really need to obtain and accomplish in relation to gathering pertinent pieces of evidence and the crucial next steps in the process. More often than not, our emotions will cloud our judgment making us do things that are prejudicial to our best interests. Hiring an accident attorney eliminates the tendency to be subjective and instead provide a very objective professional who will look at the case from the point of view of someone who will be deciding on the merits of the case – the judge if it ever comes down to it.

  • They know the ins and outs of the judicial process

While the act of filing a claim against someone for damages sustained secondary to the accident may look simple enough, there are many loopholes and obstacles that one cannot even begin to fathom if you don’t have the necessary background on such things. Even lawyers that specialize in other areas may not be fully cognizant of the ins and outs of a personal injury case, although they will somehow know the legal framework. It is in these inner workings of the judicial system that anyone can simply lose his case on a technicality. An accident attorney, having had lengthy experience handling such cases, can help you navigate through all the obstacles and loopholes that are frequent in such proceedings.

  • They know which pieces of evidence really matter

Having handled many similar cases, although no two accidents are exactly alike, accident attorneys already know exactly what kind or type of evidence they need to build your case. They also have a team of investigators and legal researchers who will scour relevant case sources to help bolster your claim. Every single aspect of your case will be scrutinized by a team of experts to help make sure you get the best deal should the other party be open to negotiations or ensure court victory if it ever comes down to it.

  • They have knowledge of alternative methods of resolving disputes

Everyone expects to have a day in court so they can air their side and increase their chances of ensuring a more favorable outcome. However, the process is often long, tedious, and not to mention, very stressful. Your accident attorney is knowledgeable of many alternative methods of resolving disputes. He will lay all of these down for you to examine and decide for yourself whether to accept these alternatives or to proceed with the primary action plan. The thing is that your attorney will have a much greater understanding of the merits of your case, whether it is worthy of pushing through with filing a legal claim or will negotiating with the other party be a more appropriate action. All of these will be based on the evidence gathered. Ultimately, however, you will still decide the final action.

  • They know all the tactics employed by insurers

Insurance companies don’t like paying up. If they do pay, they would want it to be at the lowest possible price. That is why most insurers will have an instant offer to give to plaintiffs of accidents especially if they know that their client is at fault. In such instances, they will try to make the offer as attractive as possible without you knowing that you could get many times more than that. In the event that you push through with your complaint, you can also expect them to employ dirty tactics, again to lower their culpability. Your accident attorney knows these tactics and he also knows exactly how to counter them.

Being party to an accident is never easy especially if you’re the injured party. But getting the services of an accident attorney can make life a lot easier for you especially if you decide to pursue legal action. Contact us today for a consultation on your rights.