Why hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Why hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

We’ve all heard plenty about personal injury lawyers – especially living in Florida, where personal injury law firm commercials seem to exceedingly outnumber all other types of televised advertisements. The constant barrage of simulated images and personal injury lawyer quips might get annoying, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. On the contrary, they can be of great value to you. How many times have you see commercials for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America? Probably a lot. But that doesn’t mean that someone with cancer shouldn’t seek the Center’s help – their advertisements may be aggressive but so is their treatment. The same is true for law firms.

Personal injury cases are tricky things. They are intricate in nature and one misstep can cost you dearly. How many car accidents would you guess occur every day in this country? Two hundred? Five hundred? Two thousand? Try sixteen thousand. That’s right, sixteen thousand car accidents happen every single day in this country. That’s nearly six million each year. Thus, every year, millions of Americans are forced to miss work (and pay) due to auto accidents. And with their injuries, some are forced to struggle to earn a living for the rest of their lives. Car accidents don’t just end lives, they ruin them, too.

Alas, auto accidents aren’t the only type of personal injury-related accidents. Millions of other Americans face debilitations caused by medical malpractice – a wrongdoing by a medical professional. These types of injuries are often times much more serious. Personal injury cases involve torts – that is, wrongdoings caused by another individual or entity. That can entail a car accident, a wrongdoing by a surgeon, or management not cleaning up a slippery floor in the kitchenware section at Wal-Mart.

All of these types of injuries, and many more related to them, are costly in more ways than one; they not only inflict emotional and physical pain, and not only are they time consuming, but they cost a lot of money. It costs money to receive medical attention, it costs money to miss work, it costs money to repair a car, and it costs money to even attempt to retrieve any of the money you may have lost in the aforementioned expenditures. Here is where a lawyer can come in handy.

The process of recovering losses can be a daunting one; one wrong turn can ruin your chances of attaining justice. That’s why you should “hire” an experienced law firm, a law firm that concentrates only in personal injury, to take control of the reigns and make sure you end up with the compensation you deserve. The word “hire” is in quotations because most of the time, when someone “hires” someone else, they pay them money for their services. At a personal injury firm like ours, you won’t spend a dime out of pocket, even if we win! We get paid based on the amount that we are able to recover for you. So once you receive that final check from us, you don’t owe us a dime! You’ve spent enough on medical bills and rental cars, the last thing you need is a law firm bugging you for more money.

Personal injury lawyers are trained in—go figure—personal injury cases! That means that they’ve handled countless cases just like yours so they know exactly how to navigate the process. Hiring a personal injury lawyer shouldn’t be an embarrassment. Even the smartest people around know when it’s time to hire a professional. You might be brilliant, but if you broke your foot, you wouldn’t try to tape it up yourself—you would go see a podiatrist, because a podiatrist has years and years of training and experience dealing with injuries just like yours.

We also suggest that you seek a law firm that handles only personal injury cases.  Some law firms try to do a bunch of different types of law.  Some firms “dabble” in personal injury cases and also do some real estate, some bankruptcy, some foreclosure work.  Would you rather see a general physician who practices all sorts of medicine for your broken neck OR would you rather see a neck specialist?

This law firm only does personal injury cases.  We have a combined 45 years of experience working on personal injury cases from the beginning through trial.  We know how to handle your personal injury case from start to finish, inside and out. Let us help you with your case. For questions or more information, please contact the Law Offices of Aronberg & Aronberg at 561-266-9191 or email us at daronberg@build.simple.biz.

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