Top 3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident

Top 3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident

Car accidents come in different styles. They may be a minor fender-bender or a severe crash. In vehicular accidents, where no one is physically hurt or when there is no major damage to the vehicles, you likely don’t need to hire an attorney. As the case isn’t very serious. But if the car accident is serious, if the victim obviously sustained external or internal injuries, or when the car is damaged beyond repair, it likely is a good idea to consult a lawyer.

Following the car accident, there is a lot of paperwork to deal with from the insurance carriers. You likely need to open a no-fault personal injury protection insurance claim under your policy as well as a collision claim. You will also want to open up a claim with the at-fault driver’s policy. Each insurance adjuster will want to take your statement and collect data pertinent to their coverage at issue. Hopefully the insurance adjusters agree to pay you fair compensation but if not, a lawsuit can be filed to remedy the problem. A car accident attorney can provide you a lot of help. The top 3 reasons to hire an attorney after a car accident are listed below.

#1 A Car Accident Attorney Can Take Your Case to Court:

A Car Accident Attorney Can Take Your Case to Court

Only a lawyer can file a lawsuit. With that said, a high majority of car accident cases never see a court room. Cases are settled outside of court. However, if you are not represented by a lawyer, it’s very possible the insurance company will not take your claim seriously because there are no repercussions for underpaying the claim. Without a lawyer, you have no recourse. Once you lawyer up, with the right trial a lawyer, the insurance adjusters know there are repercussions for not dealing with you fairly. People who are represented by lawyers usually get 3.5 times higher settlements compared to those people who settle claims on their own.

#2 The Car Accident Attorney Will Handle Everything For You:

The Car Accident Attorney Will Handle Everything For You

It’s very time consuming dealing with the insurance companies. Especially if you are worried the insurance companies are taking advantage of you will go very slowly when it comes to completing the paperwork. For someone not familiar with completing insurance documentation, they can spend hours and hours researching and perfecting their claim. An inexperienced person may not know where to look or how to access important or documentation to prove their case. Most importantly, a person not experienced with car accident claims may not know what elements are important in proving their case and increasing their damages.

An experienced car accident attorney will ensure all documentation is properly completed putting you in the best position to obtain full compensation. The car accident attorney also has a better barometer concerning the value of your claim.

All the requisite detailed information that would be collected by the attorney includes:

  • Getting information regarding the party that is at fault and understanding their liability limits.
  • The documents that are required for filing a claim for the insurance compensation for the injuries and damage caused due to the accident.
  • Referring you to doctors who can help document your injuries and will serve as an advocate to your claim.

#3 You Need To Hire Car Car Accident Attorney As They Have Expertise In Negotiating:

Whether it is to deal with the agents of the insurance company or with the attorney of the liable party, you need the support of a car accident attorney to work out the negotiation.

The attorney has the required skills, experience, and knowledge to handle the cases of car accidents and help you win the claim without any hassles. Your car accident attorney will help you to be protected from the vulnerabilities and even from the trap of the insurance companies or agencies and assist you in receiving your financial compensation through perfect communication and negotiation.


Having a car accident attorney by your side is extremely necessary to guide you through the entire lawsuit process and even win the claim.

When the insurance companies do not treat you fairly, then your car accident attorney will help you get the financial aid to compensate for your medical injuries as well as to cover the damages caused to your car. If you’re in search of a car accident attorney, then it is quite essential to connect with the lawyers of Aronberg Law. They are highly skilled, have the required experience and negotiation power to help you win your claim.

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