Recent Jury Verdicts in Florida

Recent Jury Verdicts in Florida

Every day, cases are tried involving motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, negligence, and investment losses (normally investment loss cases tried to an Aribtration panel in Boca Raton). Some of the verdicts are particularly noteworthy. You may be in a similar legal situation as many of these people; who were made financially whole after a jury heard their case and subsequently ruled in their favor.

A South Florida woman was awarded $1.2 million yesterday after being rear-ended on the highway, suffering serious and permanent injuries.

A motorcyclist collided with a truck and was injured. He was awarded $300,000 earlier this month.

A jury awarded a woman $76,500 last month after her finger got caught in the door at a local convenience store.

A man was awarded $720,000 after it was determined by a jury that his injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident were actually exacerbated by his doctor’s treatment.

A woman just was awarded over $3 million by Carnival Cruises after slipping and falling on the pool deck while moving some chairs on her cruise.

These are just recent verdicts, as thousands more exist. After an accident occurs it is possible that you have legal recourse. You may be entitled to damages much like these people mentioned above. All cases are different though and a thorough review of the facts and injuries are crucial before determining a fair value for your personal injury case.

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