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Partner Aronberg & Aronberg Announces Birth of his IVF Baby
Partner Aronberg & Aronberg Announces Birth of his IVF Baby

Congratulations to Seth & Deborah Green on the birth of their IVF Baby. Read about their journey below.
We are excited to announce that attorney Aronberg & Aronberg and his wife, Deborah Green, gave birth to Eden Miriam Green on July 15, 2020 at 6:44 P.M. Eden was born at 37 weeks, weighed 5.8 ounces and measured 19 inches long. Mommy and baby are happy and healthy. Upon coming home from the hospital (shout out to West Boca Medical Center) the trio were greeted by Eden’s 4-legged big brother, a cockapoo, named Tripp Green.

Mr. Green and his wife endured 3 years of fertility treatment before they were able to celebrate the birth of their daughter. Beyond the financial burden, numerous medical visits (+50), poking, prodding, and multiple surgical procedures, the toughest part was not knowing whether the couple would ever conceive a child. There are many questions that remain unanswered in the world of infertility and no guarantees. Much of the fertility treatment involves trial and error, repetition, and plain luck. Mr. Green said he struggled with the concept of “failure” as he was going through the process. Prior to a bout of infertility, he always “won” in whatever challenge he took on. He is a competitive athlete, top of his graduating classes, and a well-respected trial attorney. He achieved success by preparation and hard work. However, when it came to fertility, it was the first time that he struggled regardless of how much research and energy Mr. Green expended. The results were simply out of his control until he sought at help. This experience was humbling for Mr. Green and taught him many lessons that will enable him to be a more compassionate, understanding and effective lawyer.

IVF Journey

Fortunately,  Mr. Green’s wife did her research and located Dr. Jenna McCarthy at IVFMD. The couple diligently followed Dr. McCarty’s plan which included two varicocelectomies, two IUIs, myomectomy and finally a round of frozen IVF with ICSI. The couple was very lucky in the sense that their first attempt at IVF was successful.

It was important to Mr. and Mrs. Green that they share their IVF story. When they initially had trouble conceiving, they felt it was taboo and shameful to share their obstacles with the public. It was not evident that this was actually a common problem that continues to grow in the U.S. (an alarming issue that can be the subject of another blog). As they proceeded through their journey it became clear that they were not alone. The found a somewhat “underground” club of people who were all dealing with the very same issue—some out in the open and some in silence.

In retrospect, the Green family says the 3-year process went by very quickly. They made many great memories during that time and enjoyed the silver lining of building a strong foundation in their marriage before bringing a child into the world together.

A few unscientific tips that the Green Family wishes to share with everyone:

  • Fertility does not define you.
  • There are many handicaps in the world and fertility is not one of them.
  • You can always choose to be a parent whether it’s through medical intervention or adoption.
  • Hundreds if not thousands of couples in Delray Beach have trouble getting pregnant. The Green family single handedly know up to 100 couples.
  • Many successful and powerful people struggle with fertility.
  • Be mindful poking at newlyweds asking when they are having a baby. It may not be in their control.
  • While going through treatment its helpful to talk to a friend about it.
  • The doctors are there to give you advice but you are the final decision maker. Go with your gut and it’s okay to decline any procedure that you are not interested in trying (or repeating).
  • Be supportive and love your partner.