P.I. Pulse: Pain Management Doc Known as “Dr. Death” Under Investigation After Patient Deaths

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A well-known pain management doctor based in Utah is under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) following the deaths of a significant number of his patients. Dr. Lynn Webster, whose website is www.yourpaincommunity.com, is a renowned pain management doctor; his reputation, on the surface, is impeccable.

Below the surface, however, lies the deadly truth. In recent years, there has been a surge in deaths due to prescription drugs in the U.S., a trend that has been mimicked in the practice of Dr. Webster. Facing a rising number of medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits, Dr. Webster has maintained his innocence, naming the individual victims as the causes of their own deaths.

According to a report by CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, one of the medical malpractice/wrongful death lawsuits against the so-called “Dr. Death” and his pain clinic, ironically named “Life Tree,” described the tragic case of one middle-aged woman who, when she started her treatment with Dr. Webster, began by taking 200 pills per day. After 7 years of treatment with Dr. Webster, the woman was up to taking 1,158 pills per month. In other words, just before she died of an overdose, she was consuming roughly 40 pills per day.

What doctor, acting in accordance with proper medical procedure, would prescribe 40 pills per day? More importantly, if the death was caused by an overdose of the prescribed medication, how could the fault not lie with the medical professional that prescribed the pills in the first place?

Another case described by the CNN investigative report tells the awful story of a woman who, while she was taking the copious amount of pills prescribed by Dr. Webster, realized that she had become addicted to them. As a result, she got herself on a healthier regiment and, with Tylenol as the only pill she took, was able to manage her pain. Then, Dr. Webster lured her back, convincing her that she needed to be back under his treatment. She started taking the pills he prescribed, just as he had asked, and as a result, she overdosed and died.

What doctor, not acting with negligence or disregard for the care of his patients, would urge an individual who is addicted to prescription pain medication to return to taking the toxic pills, even though she had been managing her pain with just Tylenol?

Prescription pill abuse is an enormous problem in this country; the fact is, though, that you cannot just walk into a drugstore and pickup a bottle of prescription pain pills without having a doctor, a medical professional, fill-out and sign a prescription for you. Medical protocol calls for a thorough review of the patient prior to the prescribing of medication; utmost care should be taken especially when prescribing medication that can end a life.

Just as a medical doctor who orders an unnecessary surgery that causes a patient’s death can be held liable, so too can Dr. Webster, for negligently prescribing bounteous amounts of prescription drugs that led to the death of some of his patients.

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