Improving Your Google Searching

Improving Your Google Searching

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The evolution of the internet has provided us with the ability to obtain the answer to any and all relevant, or even irrelevant questions that we may have. If you want to know something, you can find out using a verb that didn’t exist a decade ago. You say, “‘I’ll Google it.” Arguments based on fact can be solved in a matter of seconds by just typing your inquiry into the revolutionary search engine that is

Google searches and indexes billions of Web pages, making it almost a certainty that it will capture the information that its users desire. It displays those results quickly, concisely, and in order of relevance with regards to the exact search that you input.

Mostly everyone uses Google, but rarely anyone uses Google correctly, or I should say, to its full capacity. By following certain tricks that I will outline below, your search can yield even better results that are exactly tailored to your particular query.

Using specific phrases indicated with quotation marks can be very beneficial in your search. For example. by writing “personal injury law,” your search will be confined only to websites or indexes containing that exact phrase, nothing in between.

A little more complex but equally as effective is searching through specific websites for certain terms or phrases. For example, if you are on the Aronberg Law website and you want to find out how to contact us, you could “Google,” “contact site” and Google will display any page at our site that contains the searched word, “contact.” You can do this with any website that you are looking for certain information on and want to eliminate the task of rifling through a webpage to find a tiny piece of information.

If you are really wondering about the definition of a word and don’t want to mine through a Google search to find a real dictionary definition, you can simply type¬† “define:” and then the word you want the definition of. So if you want to know what ” medical malpractice” means, Google will return only the sites that include the definition of the word or words you entered.

There are so many tricks in order to improve your Google searches. I have outlined a few above, but, appropriately, you can Google more ways to simplify your searches!

Google is extremely relevant to the world of personal injury law. In order to effectively and efficiently run our office, we need to be able to access pertinent information via the internet and making more specific search queries makes obtaining the information we need that much easier.

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