Home Upgrades to Keep Elderly Parents Safe

Home Upgrades to Keep Elderly Parents Safe

As parents age, they become weak and slowly unable to live independently. They may, however, continue to live in homes where they may not be monitored at all times or assisted in case of limited mobility. They may either prefer their own space or assisted care homes might be out of their budget. If they are in an assisted living facility, they also need protection from abuse. Whatever the reason, children are able to take some steps to make sure their elderly parents are safe alone at home.

  1. Replace Hazardous Floors

Older people may develop problems with balance or simply walking straight. In this case, having the wrong type of floors may cause them to fall. Thankfully, there are ways to check the slip rating of various laminate, tile, or hardwood floors to replace them with much safer ones.

  1. Secure All Rugs

Rugs are great for keeping the floors soft, warm and dry but they can also be a hazard. For every rug in the house (especially in the bath), place a non-slip pad or some grip tape to make them more secure.

More Ways To Keep Your Elderly Parents Safe

  1. Install a Shower Bench

Wet tiles can be very dangerous for elderly people who can barely stand up, let alone walk. A shower bench is a perfect solution to keeping old parents safe without asking them to give up their independence. After all, even you won’t be so happy to have someone bathe you.

  1. Opt for a Walk-in Tub

In cases where families of different generations live together, a tub is still important. However, there is no need for elders to risk falling every single time they take a bath. There are walk-in bathtubs on the market, complete with safety bars and non-slip floors.

  1. Provide Enough Lighting in the Staircase

If parents have no option but to live in a home with staircases and climb them daily, you can still do your best to make this as safe as possible. Additional lighting can already help a lot so that they can see every step clearly. You can either install at the handrails or even under each stair. Opting for motion sensor lights will save you a lot of money on electricity, too.

  1. Secure Staircases

stair-lift - keeping elderly parents safeSame as with carpets, you can also install grip tape or non-slip mats on stairs to make them safer for old parents. You can be sure to lessen the risk of slipping down the stairs. If mobility is already very limited, there is also an option to install a stair lift.

  1. Add Bars and Handrails

Elderly parents may still be able to walk but their knees might not be strong enough anymore to get from one part of the home to the other. Adding random handrails and bars all over the home gives them a chance to hang on and pause for a second before continuing.

  1. Purchase a Bed Rail

Those rails that prevented you as a kid from falling off the bed can also be a huge help to parents with mobility issues. Beyond protecting them from falling off, they can also be used as something to help them get up from the bed.

These simple steps allow your elderly parents to keep their independent lives for as long as possible, whether by choice or circumstance. This way you, as children, are also secure in the fact that you can always keep your elderly parents safe and secure at home.

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