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Finding the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case is an intricate process that should not be undertaken lightly. In this blog, we’re going to pose, and then answer, some frequently asked questions relating to the process of finding and working with a personal injury lawyer to resolve your personal injury case.

What types of cases does a personal injury attorney handle? A personal injury attorney may handle any and all cases relating to personal injury—these might include, but are not limited to, auto accidents, boat accidents, slip and falls, hit and runs, faulty products, nursing home neglect, on-the-job injuries, medical malpractice, negligent investment losses, etc.

Why do I need a personal injury lawyer? Can’t I file an insurance claim on my own? You could file an insurance claim on your own, but it would most likely be a futile effort. To begin with, a good personal injury lawyer is well versed in all steps of the personal injury case process. They know where to start, who to contact first, how to contact them, what information to disclose, what information not to disclose, etc. Just as personal injury lawyers are trained at handling insurance company agents, insurance company agents are skilled at handling non-lawyers. If you choose to engage in an insurance claim with an agent on your own, they may make you a miniscule offer compared to what you deserve and they may very well find a way to get you to sign the agreement, thereby barring you from accepting any more money from the insurance company. Hiring a lawyer is an important part of making sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Should personal injury lawyers charge up-front fees? The general answer to this question is “No!” If you were involved in a car accident, and you go to a personal injury lawyer who requests up-front payment to handle your case, run! Most experienced personal injury lawyers make their money based on what they make for you! There is no out-of-pocket expense to hire a personal injury lawyer. They get paid once they recover money for you—they take a standard percentage of the total winnings and handle all of that for you so that you pay $0 out of pocket throughout the process.

Should I hire the personal injury firm with the flashiest advertisements and the biggest billboards? No, you should hire the personal injury firm that you feel most comfortable with and who can offer you the most attention. A good personal injury firm should spend its time on your case, not on creating the most attention-grabbing television ads.

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