$850,000 Settlement – 18 Wheeler Truck Accident

Feb. 4th, 2008   /  

Our client was driving his automobile on I-95 when he was rear ended by an 18 wheel tractor trailer at approximately 17 MPH.

As a result, our client sustained a highly unusually spinal injury at the top of the spine called Atlantoaxial Instability. He underwent spinal fusion surgery and he may require future surgeries due to continuing pain. The insurance company argued that the injury was not caused by the collision but, rather, it was a pre-existing condition. We hired a biomechanical engineer to describe the force on our client’s spine by preparing a simulated animation of the crash.

The combined testimony from our client’s doctors and the engineer was crucial in proving to the insurance company that the crash, and not some pre-existing condition was the cause of the injury and surgery.

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