$350,000 Settlement in Motorcycle vs. Car Crash

Oct. 27th, 2015   /   Results

$350,000 Settlement in Motorcycle vs. Car Crash

In 2014, our client was riding his motorcycle at the intersection of South Dixie Highway and East Pine Street, in Lantana, Palm Beach County, Florida. As he drove his motorcycle northbound on South Dixie Highway, suddenly and without warning, a westbound car attempted to cross the intersection of East Pine Street and South Dixie Highway, failing to yield the right of way. Our client was unable to prevent a collision and was thrown up onto the hood of the vehicle, lost consciousness and suffered multiple severe injuries.

Our client was not at fault for the crash as he had the right of way, was traveling the speed limit and was wearing a motorcycle helmet.  There were two witnesses who observed the accident and gave statements to the Lantana Police Department.  The responding police officer reported that the driver of the car was at fault for hitting our client who had the right of way.

“Obtaining the witness statements was key to proving 100% liability on the car driver. Many people and insurance companies automatically think that if a motorcycle was involved in a crash that the motorcycle driver was at fault for speeding”, said Attorney David T. Aronberg.

Our client suffered multiple injuries including head trauma, lacerations, bruising, a facial fracture, broken teeth, and a neck injury.  He underwent corrective plastic surgery for facial lacerations and preventative surgery with internal fixation was recommended for his facial fracture.

The case was settled for $350,000 with the insurance company just prior to filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver of the car, said Aronberg. “Our client was very satisfied with the result of his case and was happy that we were able to obtain a significant settlement for him without having to file a lawsuit and go to court”.

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