$250,000 Policy Limits obtained within 4 months of accident

Jun. 18th, 2013   /   Results

Our female client went out one night to a bar and had a little too much to drink. So, instead of trying to drive home intoxicated, she asked a friend of hers to drive her and her car home.

The driver got onto I-95 and lost control of the car and slammed into a truck causing significant damage to the car and, unfortunately, to our client.

Our client suffered an arm injury that required surgery.

Within 4 months of the car accident, we were successful in obtaining the maximum insurance coverage available to her – $250,000.00. We then were able to get her medical bills reduced and provide a significant amount of money to our client.

Even though she sustained a significant life altering injury, she was very pleased with the end result and the short period of time it took for us to get it for her.

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